Supercharge engagement with our accelerators

Ready to supercharge engagement? Boost your engagement engine with App Hub and Add-on services in curation, consulting and marketing.


Boost your program

Supercharge partnerships

Enrich your engagement commerce engine with security, data, marketing and payment apps.

Leverage our expertise

We’re proud to provide unique, self-service rewards management tools, but when you need us, we’re here.

Future-proof your ecosystem

The world of engagement is evolving. We’re pre-integrating with cutting-edge apps to bring you new capabilities for your next need.

App Hub

The best apps for today and tomorrow.


Prevent fraud and bolster security around access and transactions


Get the insights  you need with business intelligence and reporting


Personalize  communications with segmentation and marketing apps


Manage taxes, end-to-end  payments and reconciliation

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Add-on services

Take it to the next level

Curation services

We offer a full range of complementary curation services, from consulting to full catalogue management.

Marketing & promotions consulting

Leverage our experience to drive better member engagement.

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